The name GREYMY comes from the Latin "gremium" which means "the depth", "the nucleus". This name reflects our aspirations on beauty and the tools we offer to achieve excellent results.

Offer products for the maximum expression of the beauty of each individual
Give professionals the opportunity to express their skills with highly performing products
Create products for the care and beauty of hair, which act in depth

    The brand Greymy was founded in 2009 in a Swiss laboratory in the city of Zug, where a team of technicians had gathered with the same views united by a common inspiration: create cutting-edge products for those who take care of their image and for the professionals who create beauty with their know-how and mastery.


    After three years of intense studies on various hair types, on the search for perfect formulations and after numerous tests, the first professional GREYMY lines were created: smoothing, nourishing and moisturizing products. Thanks to the precious collaboration between Swiss scientists, in 2012 the first patent was registered for a keratin reconstruction system. After the launch of this product, we registered a great success and we are proud of having created a cutting-edge system for the trichological market. This allowed the GREYMY brand to quickly obtain recognition from connoisseurs and professionals in the sector. For GREYMY it was the confirmation of being on the right track


    Our goal was to create new product lines and expand internationally. In 2015 a GREYMY office was opened in Milan. We have combined Swiss precision with Italian inspiration and style. GREYMY is always updated offering latest generation products for a conscious beauty.


    Today we are proud to present a system developed with very high technologies that highlight the freedom of expression in the beauty sector. We offer the professional innovative tools that allow him to unleash his creativity ensuring excellent results for healthy and beautiful hair.